I just joined blogurp.com, a great free blog site where members can create unlimited free blogs. The stuff I write about goes onto search engines very fast, and I can even pick places where I want my blog seen. I don’t need to worry about my blog going down halfway through the month because Blogurp lets me have as many visitors as I can bring, all for FREE!

Link Pharming is not allowed on Blogurp and will get you banned from 1000s of our partner sites. Link Pharming is when websites, by their own actions, or by the actions of those hired by the website, join social networks, blog sites, forums or any form of website where new user accounts are able to be created, for the sole purpose of putting one or more links to their own website in a misleading manner. See LinkPharming.com for full details on Link Pharming.

This post was automatically created when this free blog site was first made. Most people just delete it or use it to figure out how to justify text ;)